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Game Team
dvdfu - Design, code, pixel art
s9menine - Sound design
yoyoleif - Illustration, NPC colour
mellodillo - Illustration, NPC design
Sean "CosmicGem" Bialo - Music
Anabel Morales - Spanish
KyleHeren - Korean
Erin London - Portuguese
Kimitaka Ogawa - Japanese
The Indie Duet - French
40nugget - Promotional illustration


Does this game require an internet connection?
No, but certain features use it:
- Sending and viewing scores on the leaderboard
- Sending and viewing achievement statuses
- Accessing cloud data to sync game progress between devices
- Viewing optional ads to obtain gems (in the free version)
- Processing a purchase to remove ads (in the free version)

Can my device play Chiki's Chase?
The game is available on iOS and Android. Ensure your device has at least 2GB of RAM. The game performance targets devices from roughly 2017 or newer.

What are gems?
Gems are an in-game currency used to obtain upgrade slots and hats. Upgrade slots affect gameplay by increasing the total number of upgrades a character can equip. Hats only affect visuals.

What are the restrictions in the free version?
In order to collect gems, you must watch an optional video ad.

Can video ads be removed?
Removing video ads is a one-time purchase that is tied to your App Store account (on iOS) or your Google Play Store account (on Android). Cross-platform purchase status is not applicable.

How do I refund my purchase?
Apple App Store Refunds
Google Play Store Refunds

For further issues or questions, contact me directly:
madeby.dvdfu (at)

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- objects that fall below the bottom of the screen will NEVER be destroyed, e.g. treasure chests, Buzzy, Turnhops, teapots, boulders
- bomb seeds exit green bubbles at a lower angle
- green bubbles pop when touching spiky objects
- decrease Skips' Solar Ring+ dash attack distance roughly 10%
- new hit animations for flowers, apple tree, garden plants, lamp lights
- new step animations for dirt blocks, gold blocks
- animations for blue butterfly arriving and leaving
- banana and boulder physics movements tweaked
- invisible walls (such as in the tutorial, or at home) no longer stop attacks as well
- changed which objects respond to the player jumping up into them
- fix Jelly Bean spawning in incorrect locations
- fix some times displaying incorrectly if the millisecond portion was under 100ms
- fix multiple tap inputs possible on the home run screen
- fix Bubble Barrier not correctly factoring in pacifism
- fix Bubble Barrier collision causing undesirable attacks
- audio playback more accurately reflects objects that are visible on-screen
- fix 1 pixel of the skull icon
- fix portals causing some enemies to move through undesirably
- fix bananas spawned from banana piles interacting undesirably with attacks


General Changes
- Birthday Cake hat now has 2 candles. Happy birthday, Chiki's Chase!
- Ronnie's claws will cut the apple tree (purely visual change)
- players who have not paid to remove ads will occasionally see skippable ads in between runs
Balance Changes
- Shroom Charm mushrooms will trigger their goodies being collected from any enemy or object landing on a mushroom, not just the player
- Lifesaver does not automatically start the game if equipped in the character select menu. It will still activate when the game starts, but a button input is required like usual
- the coins released by the teapot are now capped at 50
- a teapot flung with maximum coins will now also explode
- piles of snow in Popsicle Point are adjusted to be larger
- stepping on a pile of bananas does not immediately cause the player to be stunned. However, it is still highly likely because of the trajectory of bananas released
- skull bombs have a different explosion appearance
- green bubbles in later levels may contain bomb seeds
- portals enforce a maximum fall speed to prevent infinite acceleration
- certain physics interactions between objects have been tweaked
"Pacifist Mode" Changes
- entered starting on level 3 only
- a blue butterfly follows you as long as you maintain pacifism
- blue butterfly periodically gives you stars
"Hard Mode" Changes
- a skull appears on the level 2 sign to indicate "hard mode" has been entered
- no free health pickups such as watermelons or apples
- more explosives and hazards, including in the sky
- Midas Wand sell price reduced 100 -> 1 coin
- fixed flame pot flames briefly able to harm the player after destroying the pot
- fixed minor gacha capsule animation error
- fixed bush animation error
- fixed visual error when landing on home roof
- reduce game memory usage
- improve some stuttering problems

VERSION 2.2.0 (Apr 27)

- French translations are now available!
- Antique Hourglass unlock enemy requirement lowered 80 -> 60
- some background music tracks have been slightly adjusted
- timing for shopkeeper's first line of dialogue has been slightly adjusted
- improved graphics compatibility for some mobile devices
- fixed missing leaderboard/achievement text for some languages
- fixed a minor typo
- fixed bug causing sprites to appear stretched sometimes
- fixed unexpected camera movement on game over, when near shops

VERSION 2.1.1 (MAR 11)

- accelerate to full speed when starting the game, or exiting a recovery bubble
- changed the appearance of upgrade slots in the character select screen
- changed the appearance of some game icons found in inline text
- changed the appearance of selected option boxes to have a slightly thicker outline
- changed the appearance of inactive (grey) toggle platforms and spike walls stand out against the background slightly more
- fix being able to bypass home area with certain tactics
- fix bug where shops sometimes offered barely-unaffordable items
- fix blindfold distance stat not resetting correctly
- fix unintentional Dartfly interaction with ice blocks
- fix snow mounds being lit incorrectly
- fix Guardian laser dot being slightly off-colour
- fix sun sometimes appearing in incorrect positions in the sky
- fix location name displaying in pause screen
- reduce amount of loading done mid-game (should reduce stutters)
- improve pause screen blurring to not slow or crash low-end devices
- improve some texture clarity
- improve performance for some shader effects

VERSION 2.1.0 (Feb 3)

- Japanese translations are now available!
- maximum player fall speed is now capped
- fix invisible collisions around Home allowing it to be skippable
- fix Pickle's bubbles sometimes not popping with correct visuals
- fix energy recharge SFX sometimes not playing
- fix occasional game crash when restarting a run
- fix freezes on some Android devices
- fix Star Power glow visual error
- fix some text formatting
- fix Korean text alignment

VERSION 2.0.0 (Dec 17)

Brand-New Stuff
- new app icon & game logo
- regions each have new music!
- regions now each contain several unique obstacles
- regions no longer change randomly
- added the Sky, Sky Distance stat, and its own leaderboard and music!
- added the 5th shopkeeper, Morgan!
- added 3 new items: Poison Apple, Leech Bite and Rainbow Herbs
- added (+) variants for every upgrade that can be unlocked
- added 2 new achievements: Caduceus Badge, Flight Badge
- added 3 new hats
- added optional video ad watching for gem collection
- Teapot Distance stat is tracked, and has its own leaderboard
- Blindfold Distance stat is tracked, and has its own leaderboard
- shorter tap inputs allow the player to jump shorter than before
- Blindfold hat now uses a spotlight-styled blinding effect
- bonus speed due to star combos is slightly tweaked so that speed gain is not present in lower combos and more present in very high combos
- star power slightly extends vision radius when blinded
- slightly tweaked jump heights off bouncy objects
- slightly tweaked some coin layout patterns
- Loot Box price increased 80 -> 100
- skull bomb circular blast size radius increased 44 -> 56
- green explosive blocks and spike blocks no longer drop 1 coin when destroyed
- taking damage or falling when stunned by a banana will immediately end the stun
- speed bonus added by star combo is reduced after taking damage
- invincibility time after injured increased 0.8 -> 1s
- jump pad platforms no longer reset to resting position after lifted
Balance: Enemies
- Big Buzzy jumps higher, moves faster and receives less knockback
- Big Buzzy hitbox slightly tweaked
- Big Buzzy coin value increased 3 -> 4
- Dartfly will properly attack and pass through certain destructible objects
- Dartfly wind-up speed is now constant (Antique Hourglass still affects its attack movement speed)
- Dartfly will very slightly move up or down to follow the player. This is mostly for aesthetic purposes
- Guardians may be pushed vertically by external forces, e.g. wind
- Hauntorb projectile duration decreased, but the area of effect is roughly the same
Balance: Upgrades
- Apple Seeds apple requirement to unlock reduced 15 -> 12
- Rocket Jump blast radius decreased 44 -> 40
- Binoculars slightly extends vision radius when blinded
- Hasty Hourglass slow effect is not as strong in later levels
- Traveller Map stars are rewarded with a slight delay, like enemies and other objects
- Yellow Balloon continues to drain while attacking mid-air and floating upward
- Yellow Balloon max duration increased 3 -> 4.5s
- Yellow Balloon re-appears when entering recovery bubble, if it was fully expended
- Treasure Tracker no longer increases Golden Cherry spawn chance
- Treasure Tracker no longer interferes with Shroom Charm coin mushroom chance
- Treasure Tracker no longer interferes with Piggy Bank ruby chance
- Shield Repair base price increased 50 -> 60
Balance: Chiki
- attack reload delay increased 0.4 -> 0.45s
- auto-fire attack duration (and hover duration) increased if Solar or Lunar Ring are equipped
Balance: Ronnie
- attack reload delay increased 0.37 -> 0.42s
- attacking while jumping will cause the claw attack to move in sync with the player
- attack distance is impacted more by Binoculars
Balance: Pickle
- bubble attack duration decreased 1.7 -> 1.5s
- attack reload delay increased 0.29 -> 0.4s
- auto-fire attack duration (and hover duration) increased if Solar or Lunar Ring are equipped
- collision change: bubbles bounce off walls and floors slightly instead of popping. This is mostly a cosmetic effect, but prevents bubbles popping against the floor when attacking on the ground. This doesn't apply to anything that takes damage, e.g. dirt blocks
- accuracy change: first attack (at full energy) will always fly perfectly forward, but at lower energy the accuracy decreases
- attack spread increases from 0 -> 10 degrees over attacks 1-5
- this is meant to make Chiki comparatively better for long-range accuracy, while still making Pickle's attacks still work reliably if used with intention
- bubbles had a 5-degree spread but now use the new firing mechanic
- ice shards had a 3-degree spread but now use the new firing mechanic
- ice shard duration decreased 0.4 -> 0.3s but the overall distance is roughly the same
Balance: Skips
- the wave attack created with the Solar Ring no longer collects coins and other objects
- effects that improve the attack distance of Skips' dash now change the dash duration, not its speed, to increase distance
- attack reload delay increased 0.33 -> 0.4s
- attack reload duration decreased 0.3 -> 0.25s
- horizontal dashes used to have a slight drop (bug) that is now fixed
- rising dash angle reduced 10 -> 9 degrees
- ledge correction distance reduced 12 -> 10 pixels
Gacha Capsules
- Hot Pink Bunny Charm roll rate has decreased from 1% -> 0.1%
- Sour Yellow Bunny Charm now appears with the remaining 0.9%. It does nothing, not even provide an achievement
- Star Cider item is renamed Star Juice and given a new appearance. Nothing has changed about its effect, or to Star Cider outside of the Gacha Capsules
- Momo's text appears larger for lucky pulls
Visual Tweaks
- sprites with thick black outlines now have a splash of colour
- sprites that rotate will animate with a lower, intentional framerate
- sprites that render dynamically will animate with a lower, intentional framerate
- safe explosives (due to confetti) have a new appearance
- new visual effect when player gains health
- Golden Apple icon
- bananas
- star particle effects
- portal visual effects
- background environments
- screen effects on death and area change
- shopkeeper poses
- wooden platform pillars in snowy areas
- menu backgrounds
- redesign the results screen (game over)
- the top-left part of the HUD has been shrunk to 5/6th of its former size
- adjust UI layouts to hug the edges of the screen more closely
- when Star Power is active, the black bar will turn dark blue
- Game Center / Google Play profile button moved to title screen
- connection warning now appears as a pop-up in the title screen
- additional icons appear to commemorate certain run conditions in the homerun and game over screens
- game now appears unblurred during the countdown for unpausing
- unpurchaseable items are greyed out
- Momo now appears disappointed when receiving gem prizes, only for paid players
- when upgrades are unlocked, the news notification (red dot) will be applied to each upgrade individually
- changed tap animation in tutorial to be harder to confuse with swiping
- removed Twitter link, added website link, added app store page link
- headgear choices in the hat menu are thinner so more can fit on screen
- game HUD now slightly shakes when the camera shakes, if enabled
- credits layout spacing updated
- more of the game's menus are navigable with the gamepad shoulder buttons (note: full support is not available yet)
- clickable credits links are now underlined
- certain achievements/unlocks will be rewarded immediately on a Home Run, rather than after the game is over
- performance improvements
- attempts were made to fix save data errors
- fix particle visual error when player jumps on things
- fix some object preloading for less game stuttering
- fix jumping on Turnhop enemies sometimes resulting in getting hurt
- fix Turnhop enemies jumping on mushrooms sometimes unpredictably
- fix Dartfly sometimes not colliding properly
- fix Dartfly aiming to target player when the game is already over
- fix joystick navigation problems in the shop
- fix minor string grammar
- fix news indicator appearing on gem counter sometimes
- fix gem counter sometimes briefly displaying negatives
- fix some particle effects persisting when returning to the game menus
- fix off-screen events still creating sound and haptics vibrations
- fix some stuttering with balloon movement
- fix some game screenshots occurring when the camera is blurry
- fix some explosions wrongly counting as progress towards unlocking Toy Rocket
- fix dashing sometimes causing bounce collisions on enemies
- fix some collisions
- fix player energy recharging after game is over
- fix player jump leniency ("coyote time") not be granted properly
- fix Guardian lasers tracking while the game is paused
- fix player running animations stopping when standing still
- fix objects teleporting through portals despite moving away from them